Make a direct impact in the lives of future leaders
in science, transcending communities and boundaries.


What we do

From extremely selective institutions to high-cost programs, youths from underprivileged areas have historically been ousted from the research world. Compared to traditional research programs, we exert 10x the impact with every dollar we receive -- all because of the accessible model we champion. With over 150 students we received in the 2022 cycle, and we have no plans to turn away a single student.

We make science research accessible by (1) leveraging open-access tools in science that are freely available, and (2) crowsourcing mentors from institutions across the U.S. to support research mentorship of students. We have minimal administrative costs due to these factors, which means that more than 90% of every dollar you donate goes directly towards students, with very little hidden costs in running this organization.

Your donation will support the recruitment of students from underserved areas, purchase of loaner laptops, and distribution of stipends for those who qualify for free and reduced lunch at schools - i.e., students who would otherwise have had to find employment and not an educational program.

Past Donors

Honoring our supporters

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of all our past donors, who have enabled us to pursue our mission to bring equitable science research opportunities to all.


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